Crime has always been one of the worst society disorders people have always tried to cure, and with the advance of technology humans have created many tools and ways to identify criminals. This is how the identikit picture tool had come to life. Originally (and still in developing countries) the construction of the facial composite used to be sketched by a well trained artist according to a witness or a victim description. Recently computer applications were built to do the job and they proved to be useful, since artistic talent is hard to find.

Face Sketcher Project is about building a Preliminary identikit picture tool for forensic investigation which will be mainly used by law enforcements in their investigations to get facial composite in a fast and easy manner.


Facial Composite


What is Face Sketcher?

Get Adobe Flash player Face sketcher is an application able to:

  • Fetch specific images from an encrypted database according to user's criteria.
  • Add different face elements or accessories as layers.
  • Edit layers using image editing tools.
  • Save the final composite image result in different formats (PNG, TIFF, PSD - Photoshop)

Face sketcher is accompanied with another application responsible for encrypting then adding images to the database.



The Facial Composite application was created as a master Thesis final project at Technical University of Lodz, by Alexi Akl

Both Alexi Akl and Krzysztof Olczyk are currently working on improving the project.


Platform info

Face Sketcher was developed using Java programming language. (Cross Platform Application)


Interested in Face Sketcher?

If you are interested in retrieving or supporting the development of our facial composite application, please contact us.