Little Shop


In case you are running your own business or shop and you are tired of data input using Excel and looking for a more practical and profitable solution, Little Shop will come in handy.

Little Shop is an easy to use software that will simplify your daily life, it includes adding and editing products, currencies, users, customers, company info, creating - closing - reopening - printing receipts, payments, stock management and generating reports.


Little Shop



Little Shop includes a backoffice section and a user section; In the backoffice the administrator manages his products, categories, customers, company info, users and currencies while in the user section the receipts are created and managed as well as Stock management and report generation.

Each receipt belongs to a specific client or a general one, products are added with the possibility to change the default unit price, quantity and currency. Receipts may be edited, deleted, printed, closed and reopened; a closed receipt means a settled one, an opened receipt may be a current receipt or an unpaid old one (individual payments with dates may be added to receipts to keep track of remaining debt of a client). One may choose to reopen the receipt in the reports section in case a modification is required.

Stock management includes Stock in and Stock out, all entries can be edited or deleted.

Report generation enables the user to check statistics about sales, profit and debt using different filters like customer, product, dates, closed or opened.


Little Shop


Platform info

Little Shop is a Java Application.

  • Operating System: All (Windows, linux based, Mac)
  • Database: MySQL
  • Programmed in: Java


Interested in Little Shop?

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