Hello, I'm Alexi

/* The head of Engineering at Speedlane, a freelancer and an open source contributor. I advise, strategize, design and build Software! */

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// At Speedlane*

*Previously known as Postlight Lebanon


We do a lot of React! I Co-developed many React & Redux apps: TinySheet, React Google Sheet to Chart and other


Containerization helps by providing development environment consistency, speeding up the setup process and deployment

Data Storage

NoSQL (MongoDB, DynamoDB), in-memory (Redis, Memcached) and relational DBs (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite)


As a Director of Engineering, I provide help and guidance for clients by assessing and enhancing their technical stack

Modern Stack

It requires a lot of effort, but we're always on a hunt of new tech that is right for the job. We're also kind of addicted on well established technologies like Modern JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Node.JS, GraphQL, Sass, GitHub, ESLint, Prettier and more


Majority of modern projects are deployed on cloud infrastructure like AWS or Google Cloud. We leverage Cloud services as much as possible: Auto scaling, API Endpoints, High throughput & availability, Authentication and Authorization, Cloud functions, Data and File storages, Network services, logging, reporting and other

Agile Development

We use daily scrums, standups, kanban boards, weekly sprints and all other agile techniques while working on projects. To achieve this we use tools like Jira and GitHub


Co-developed WP CMS & responsive web apps for many Postlight clients: The Players' Tribune, Vice News, The Village Voice, Dollar Shave Club, MEL Magazine, Acronym & other. We usually host WP sites on managed WP hosting service providers like WPEngine, Kinsta and WP VIP

// Earlier


Senior Backend Engineer at Anghami - the first legal music streaming platform and digital distribution company in the MENA region


Senior fullstack developer on the eddress project. Worked on iOS & Android native apps as well as the API using Spring Boot


Image Processing mobile apps developer on both iOS and Android


Software engineer on Workforce Management Web application using Spring and Hibernate

// Open Source


Using DB, API and React + Redux docker containers, I developed the stockd web application to follow stocks, create portfolios and compare stocks performance, all powered by IEX Cloud API

stockd app stockd app

Headless WordPress + React

Spin up a headless WordPress CMS powering a modern JavaScript app in one step: Postlight's WordPress + React Starter Kit. and check WordPress + React GitHub repo

Google Sheet to Chart

Adding a chart to your React app has never been easier, Read all about it in Google Sheets to Beautiful Charts article, also check React Google Sheet to Chart GitHub repo and React Google Sheet to Chart npm component

// Side Projects

Preschool Application

Preschool platform: iOS and Android apps, API and CMS.
Designed to help parents keep track of their child's activity and progress every day

stockd app stockd app


Facial Composite System software designed by I.A.I. Certified Forensic Artist Michael W. Streed to help produce a consistent end-product to assist law enforcement in their reduction of investigative cycle times.

YouTube SketchCop link

Plant Physiology helper apps

Developed two Java desktop applications, an Android app & a Web app + API for Shawn C. Kefauver a Research Professor at the University of Barcelona

Vectorial Mesh app

Developed a Java desktop app to produce vector graphics mesh based on a patented technology by mechanical engineer and inventor Mr. Ghattas Kossaifi